Case Study: The Second Time Around Movie Rentals

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Case Study
Second Time Around Movie Rentals…Page 3

Application Exercise Financial Analysis…Page 6

Internet Skills Exercise
Online Shopping Comparison…Page 8

To:Taylor and Berkley Daniels
From:Holmes, Nicholas, and Walker Associates
Date:April 8th, 2008
Re:Customer Information Database Alterations

Company Background
The Daniel’s twins have created an offshoot of their grandmother’s movie rental chain, an online video membership group. The rental service allows members in several states to select the titles they want, and hold on to them for a certain period of time, before returning them by mail. The service offers varying levels of membership, each allowing its own maximum set of rentals.

Case Objective
The owner’s are satisfied with their current set up, but are looking to expand. Therefore they have requested that a series of detailed reports and database changes be implemented in order to better assess the clientele with which they are dealing. Through the collection of data about publicity, location, and various demographics we will be able to give the business a better picture of where they need to focus their business efforts.

Information Alterations and Reports

Figure 1.1- This report serves to show, by state, how the customers are hearing about the service, and totals it by state. These numbers will allow Second Time to see how they can best advertise to each of their markets. |Count by State | |Initial Contact Description |State |Total State | |Another Web Site |AR |5 | |Another Web Site |KS |5 | |Another Web Site |LA |5 | |Another Web Site |TX |5 | |Friend |AR |12 | |Friend |LA |12 | |Friend |OK |12 | |Friend |TX |12 | |Magazine |KS |5 | |Magazine |LA |5 | |Magazine |TX |5 | |Newspaper |OK |3 | |Newspaper |TX |3 | |Other |AR |4 | |Other |KS |4 | |Other |OK |4 | |Radio |AR |7 | |Radio |KS |7 | |Radio |OK |7 | |Radio |TX |7 | |Search Engine |AR |3 | |Search Engine |KS |3 | |Television |KS |6 | |Television |OK |6 | |Television |TX |6 | | | | |

Figure 1.2- This report will assist Second time in determining who among their users is currently subscribing to their newspapers. This will allow them to go back to those publishers and give them feedback about the customers level of satisfaction with their product.

|Newspaper Recipients | |Last Name |First Name |Email | |Kelly |Val | | |Michaels |Baylee | | |Randolph |Danette | | |Viaze |Joan | | |Wu |Tan | | |Lavender |Omar...
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