Case Study-the Donor Services Department

Topics: Need, Want, Management Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Case: The Donor Services Department

1. What do you want to accomplish in this situation with respect to Juana? I want to have conservation with Juana to talk about the problems in this situation. Firstly, I want her to respect every colleague including Elena in the department. Secondly, I want her to be not only the leader of her clique but also the leader of all translators. Moreover, I want her to work harder even if she has little work to do, and she can help the others when they are busy.

2. What is causing Juana to act as she does?
To begin with, Elena is one reason causing Juana to act like that. Elena, who does not know English well, is treated as an unqualified supervisor, which makes Juana occasional mutiny against Elena. In addition, as a long-time friend of Jose’s and a leader who is outgoing with good oral English, Juana can be too arrogant in front of other workers.

3. How do you think Joanna views Juana and the situation? Why? Firstly, Joanna would view Juana as a bad factor in the department. The problem is that there is no real leader who can control and manage the department. What Juana does has a lot of negative effects on the organization, because she does not respect the supervisor and the other workers. As a result, the relationship between them would be further. Secondly, the tasks assigned on the translators are not even, and they mostly do clerical work. They also need more training in English and in work, and they need do more communication with each other.

4. If you were Joanna, how would you handle the situation? If I were Joanna, I would do something as follows. Firstly, I would promote Magdalena to be the new supervisor, because she is more professional and mature than the other translators. And Magdalena would really enjoy her work in the department and get respect from others. Secondly, I would divide the work more evenly, and all workers do all jobs. They must work in a team to accomplish tasks together....
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