Case Study the Canadian National Bank

Topics: Pleading, Management, Leadership Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Executive Summary
The Canadian National Bank is a case involving employee grievances and ethical issues. On February 26, 1997, Lesley Mahon was shocked and upset about the serious allegation complained formally by her subordinate—Pam Stewart to the "National Committee for Employee Concerns"(NCEC). She was wondering if there was any action to take to solve the problem. This situation was a breakout of their conflicts in a long period. The main two causes of the issues were Lesley’s leadership and Pam’s obstinacy. There were different kinds of actions that Lesley could take, and finally she should talk to her subordinate to analysis and understand the motivation and behavior of a difficult employee to solve the problem thoroughly, and at the same time learn experience from this crisis.

Problem Statement
Lesley, the manager of customer service at the Chatham Branches was just informed that one of her subordinates-Pam had filed a formal complaint about the manager impeding her personal and professional development with the NCEC. This complaint followed a long period of open conflicts between the two. Lesley was shocked and wondered what action she should take to face this serious and possibly unfounded allegation. Problems/Issues

Lesley and Pam had had several conflicts since the first day of Lesley’s appointment. 1、In the first meeting with Lesley, Pam was the only one who showed negative reaction to her, and they had a uncomfortable conversation.

2、When Lesley asked Pam for her referrals, Pam refused to make any referrals which were crucial to the development of the bank in the future.

3、Pam wanted to stop working on Thursday evenings to have her accounting course. According to comprehensive consideration, Lesley suggested that she should wait until September, but Pam thought Lesley was blocking her development and complained in a formal written statement to NCEC.

These conflicts made Lesley upset and wondered what to do to prevent the crisis and...
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