Case Study the Body Shop

Topics: Business ethics, The Body Shop, Settlement Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Case Study 2 The Body Shop
1.During the time period of the case, how has The body Shop continued to address the four components of corporate social responsibility? The Body Shop protected its slogans, territory and franchises with an aggressive legal strategy that included an out-of-court settlement with the Limited in 1993. There was also a six week court battle with a British TV news magazine telecast in 1993 when the show alleged that the company knowingly sourced materials from supplier’s that had performed animal testing. The Body Shop sued the station and production company for libel and whopping a significant financial Settlement. The company got a whopping 276,000 settlement by proving to the British court that the company had never intentionally misled consumers about the animal Testing policy, which encouraged manufacturers to give up animal testing but not claim that ingredients had never been tested on animals. The 5 million dollar invested into the ten-part TV documentary series called “Millennium. This series which was shown around the world on television networks including PBS and The BBC was meant to celebrate the wisdom and history of native culture. The Body Shop also sold a book version of “Millennium” in its stores to help promote the series and raise funds for donations. During the period 1991-1994, sales and net income grew from $231 million and $41 million to 330 million and $ 47 million respectively. Between 1986 & 1993, The Body Shop contributed far less than average pretax charitable donations for U.S. companies according to the council on Economic Priorities. 2.What is your assessment of the Jon Entine article and critique? This article caused Franklin Development and consulting whom sold 50,000 of its shares of The Body Shop because of financial concerns and the fact that they were able to get the article before publishing. What is your assessment of The Body Shop’s response to Entine’s Business Ethics article? They had every...
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