Case Study: The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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The Energy Information Administration projects that domestic oil and gas consumption will grow significantly over the next two decades. In order to improve the balance of trade and make us less dependent on foreign countries for our oil, new domestic supplies of oil and gas are needed to be explored and produced. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located in the northeast corner of Alaska is considered for oil and gas development since it potentially holds billions of barrels of recoverable oil and trillions of cubic feet of recoverable gas. Oil companies and supporters are eager to develop this particular site where is one the last major U.S. oil supply. However, conservationists believe that oil exploration and development would damage the balance of nature in the Alaskan wilderness. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is an important wildlife habitat, the development of oil drilling would hurt the land, endanger wildlife. According to some studies, oil drilling in the Arctic causes permanent damage in the natural environment because it is not possible to restore their natural states. Oil and gas are nonrenewable resources, global oil production will reach its maximum rate, and less oil will be removed each year once the peak is passed. In order to survive renewable energy resources are the alternative to replace fossil fuels. For example available wind energy is constantly renewed by the spinning of the planet and the uneven heating and cooling of the Earth’s surface. With modern technology wind energy can be captured efficiently for produce electricity. Another natural provide renewable energy is solar power. Solar energy is a constant and consistent power source without noise or creates pollution. By using wind or solar energy to produce electricity can decreased the demand of fossil fuels. It is not only protecting the balance of the land and wildlife, it is also protect the environment by create no pollution.
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