Case Study: Soyabean Milk Company

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Case study: Soyabean Milk company

Dr.S.Charkraborty was domiciled in Los Angeles, USA for last 8 years. After getting his Master’s in Food Technology from University of California, he had obtained a Ph.D. in the same subject specializing in ‘high protein products’. After completing his education, he had joined a company, HyPro Inc., which was marketed through a large number of departmental stores throughout the US. The company was enjoying a good reputation.

Dr.Charkraborty was seriously thinking of returning to India and setting down in his hometown of Bangalore. He was toying up with the idea for last 2 to 3 years to set up a plant to produce few of such high protein products in India. During his earlier visits, after talking to different people, he had noticed the availability of soyabean in abundance. He had carried out several experiments in his laboratory and has developed what he called as “Soyabean Milk”. He felt that, for a developing country like India, with majority of the children being undernourished, this would be an ideal product.

Soyabean milk would have some percentage of milk, water and different other raw materials added to give it a high protein value. It will be pasteurized, so refrigeration would not be essential and will have almost same or better life than average milk. Soyabean milk would cost about 15 per cent more than the regular milk. Which he felt, was justified due to its high protein values. To obtain the same proteins, other substitutes or medicines, he felt would be ten times more costly.

As he was 15,000 miles away from his potential market, he first wanted to ascertain the feasibility of this project. He had several questions on which he wanted to get the answers. Some of these were:

i) Whether the tradition bound Indian population would accept a new concept like soyabean milk? ii) In which town should he set up his plant? And of what capacity? iii) In which...
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