Case Study: Southern Baptist Hospital

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Case Study: Southern Baptist Hospital
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Case Study: Southern Baptist Hospital
After review the cast study regarding Southern Baptist Hospital (SBH), one can conclude that the extent to which SBH researched the need of its audience prior to developing a marketing strategy was not very far. For example, the case gives us the understanding that the public already had a decent opinion about SBH. As a result, an advertising campaign that focused sorely revamping this position would not increase value or add to the company market share. With that said it is evident that SBH had not completed adequate research or thoroughly considered the audience needs prior to developing its market plan. Moreover, the case suggests that SBH had an overall marketing plan, however the plan in my opinion, was not substantial. It is evident that the campaign was developed as quick reaction and solution to an urgent need. However goals that pertained to planning a successful marketing strategy were not properly assessed. As a result, one can clearly see that SBH did not have a significant grasp on the nature of marketing. In my opinion, SBH were oblivious to the value that a successful marketing strategy could bring to the establishment. Nevertheless, the implication of focusing marketing efforts on corporate image rather than the services the organization provides a company with the necessary tools to develop a good brand and reinforce the positioning the brand occupies in hearts of their target customer base. On the contrary, such a campaign may be unsuccessful in motivation the audience into purchasing a product or peaking their interested in company services. Thus focusing on corporate image could create passive interest, which might not translate in sales, which result into lower marketing returns. Implications of marketing to the general public rather than targeting...
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