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Topics: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Civil union Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Soc 2090-001

Case Study: Clams about Gay Marriage - Assignment #1
This case study focuses on the gay marriages in different states. In Massachusetts the State Supreme court had a ruling that the state constitution did not agree with same-sex marriages. The only way they could grant licenses was if the legislative acted to give same-sex marriages. After this ruling in Massachusetts; in San Francisco, California the mayor ruled that they could not deny same-sex marriages. Many same-sex couples began to apply for marriage licenses and got the marriage license. The gay marriages started to attract the media and many television cameras. Soon after the California State Supreme Court said that the San Francisco mayor had exceeded his power and they told the city to stop issuing these state marriage licenses to gay couples. Courts in other states followed the Massachusetts ruling not allowing same-sex marriages. It then began to report that other foreign countries were allowing same-sex marriages to become legal. This started controversy in the United States because people in America think of marriage in a very sensitive way and that commitment it between two people who love each other. Advocates of gay marriage wanted to know why when two people are in love that they couldn’t be married. This began to raise issues for gay marriage not being legalized. Advocates were speaking out that it not only is about the commitment between the two people but also about the legal rights that the couples would obtain. The gay couples wanted the rights that a couple of a married man and women would get. They wanted to be able to get the medical rights and property rights of other normal married couples. Advocates also argued that they have their freedom also and they have the right to be in love with whomever they choose to be in love with. They just wanted the same equality as everyone else. In others terms they stated that same-sex marriage was...
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