Case Study Shipper Manufacturing Company

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  • Published : January 6, 2012
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• Wallace’s future business strategy : Gradual shift toward products that are sold to multiple customers and products that are manufactured on a volume basis

• Wallace is good at below things and he will continue them in future plans:

o Old BS

▪ Respond to individual customer design requirements ( new products to unique customer applications) customer oriented Process design choice is about customization.batch or assembly line . (In order to do that we should produce in low volume but it will be a nish segment) (In order to do that customer funding For product development ) (In order to do that year to year variation in sales and profits needed)

o New BS

▪ We will use old stratetegy but we will add: concurrently and increasingly


• We will be market focused

• Will apply resources toward market and product development programs

• We will reduce APD dependence on short run customer specified products or projects

• We will bring on stream new products with higher volume continuous production

• We will restrict market development resources to certain market segment

• We will restrict market development to mature industries where there is a realistic opportunity and expectation of occupying dominant competitive decision.

o We will enlarge market research

o We will enlarge market development

o We will enlarge market sales distribution


• Materials and system engineering capabilities will be strengthed

• Materials and system production engineering will be strengthed

• Materials and system production control disciplines will be strengthed


• We will concentrate on planning

• We will have the patience to focus on strategies

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