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Within this report is an analysis of Perfect Pizzeria’s existing situation in relation to its operating environment. A brief introduction will be given on Perfect Pizzeria existing condition so as to have an overview of how well the company is doing.

The group has adopted 3 perspectives to identify the problems encountered in Perfect Pizzeria, namely; Planning and Controlling, Job Design and Managing Conflict. After the identification of problems, recommendations base on individual implications will be given to tackle them so as to resolve or minimise it, improving the present condition of the company.


While the planning function provides direction, the controlling function adds the vital regulatory element, allowing managers to monitor performance and take corrective action when needed. Conflict too, needs to be both controlled and managed. (Bartol, Martin, Tein, Matthews, 1998, pg. 640)

The lack of planning and controlling often result in differences in perceptions and goals. In the case of Perfect Pizzeria, it had shown a perceived difference between managers and staff, resulting in conflicts. (Bartol, Martin, Tein and Matthews, 1998)

Conflicts can be constructive as well as destructive, but if it is left unmanaged, it may result in dysfunctional effects on an organisation and it’s people. To curb this, there must be good planning on the part of management.

One subset of planning is in the area of Job Design. Proper Job-design serves to define job roles and tasks so as to frame up responsibilities and accountability, which may minimise conflict in the workplace.


We will be tackling the case through this framework, a 3 stage process to achieve good planning.
Situation Analysis of the organisation is to be done.



Direction of Organisation
The future state of the organisation must be decided upon,
to Facilitate strategy formulation & Change.


Implement the New changes (New roles and task are
defined) and managing possible resistance.

All stages must be fulfilled in order to achieve the objectives of the organisation.

Job opportunities in Southville are limited, as it is a relatively small town. The population there is restricted to whatever job the town can offer, as such, they sometimes have to bear with unsatisfactory conditions that come along with the job.

With regards to Perfect Pizzeria, it had shown that the relationship between the management and employees is strained. This is due to a number of problems, which have been broadly categorised into three sections:


Poor recruitment and lack of formalised training;


Poor reward system and


Poor management and communications.


Managers recruited were relatively young and have not much formal education. Employees were mostly college students working on a part-time basis and they were poorly trained in their jobs. This lack of formalised training saw high percentages in food wastage. Since managers' bonuses were inversely proportionate to these percentages, it led to retaliatory measures by the managers to curb employees' benefits as a form of control.

Poor communications and management ultimately resulted in employees’ dissatisfaction. They started to pilfer food whenever the manager is not around. The night managers have got no control over them as they are around the same age and drawing the same pay. Left without a choice, the manager then decided to cut all employees' benefits. This resulted in high staff turnover and lead to more serious consequences.


This chart is drawn up to display the links between the 3 topics and the problems resulting in the case.

The failure to carry out these three areas efficiently have led to the resulting 3 problems to emerge which eventually results in employee dissatisfaction. This report will take into account the 3 aspects to tackle the problem so as minimize or resolve the problem face by...
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