Case Study Rogers Chocolates

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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1. What is the company’s strategy and how well is it working? Industry: The industry Roger’s Chocolates is in is the luxury chocolates industry. They are a manufacturing company as they supply to other companies and also they have their own retail shops. On what basis is the company choosing to compete?

They are competing by focused differentiation-
* Their target market is smaller scope - affluent people looking for quality willing to pay a premium price. * They produce a high quality premium line of chocolates
* The chocolates are hand made
* The packaging s also handmade and attractive
* The offer speciality items- chocolate covered ginger & no sugar added chocolate * They make premium ice cream novelty items
* They have many loyal customers around the world
* They won the Superior Taste Award
* The company provide an online and mail order facility
* Their website has an easy ordering facility.
In which direction did the strategy evolve?
Growth- the growth of Roger’s Chocolates was slow. The introduction of ice- cream into the company in 2000 began to dramatically drop 10 times more than it was years before. In exhibit 3, it shows that the annual sales between 2006 and 2005 were dropping less than 17,000and it was due to the introduction of the production of ice cream. In exhibit 5, it has shown that the company had reduced a lot of expenses between 2006 and 2005 and they were continuing to drop. Ansoff model:

In relation to the Ansoff Model, the company were focusing on Market Development- they wanted to expand their market scope and attract new customers. * They wanted to increase awareness of the brand without diluting it or making it cheaper. * They targeted tourists by advertising in guide magazines, flyers on the ferry boat. * They organised seasonal print advertising, radio spots and TV advertising * The company also purchased a delivery truck covered with advertising Product...
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