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Topics: Renewable energy, Sustainability, Implementation Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: May 22, 2012
his case study basically gives the readers the idea of how cost, quality, productivity and energy are inter-linked. Changes in one will directly produce changes in the others as well. Keeping this fact in mind, if changes are made to a process in order to consume less energy it would directly lead to lowering cost, improving quality and productivity hand in hand, and furthermore will help in environmental stability. For this reason, the case study defines the alternative methodologies that can be used in order to increase energy efficiency and in turn environmental stability. In this specific case, it is based on a company – Roadstone which is a manufacturer and supplier for building materials in Ireland. Six Sigma has been given much importance wherein a thorough check on a specific procedure is made, defects detected, corrections made and upon implementing the suggested solutions, performance measured to make sure the implementation was a success. Reference: Case Study: Roadstone TQM (provided)


YOU CAN WRITE THIS SECTION AFTER YOU COMPLETE REMAINING SECTIONS 1. Six Sigma Project (What is it, how it is implemented, advantages & disadvantages) 2. Plan, Do, Check, Act approach
3. Alternative methodologies (what are they, its types)
4. Environmental sustainability (what is it, why to save energy)

Reference: Case Study: Roadstone TQM (provided)


Not Applicable


A company had been established by Abu Dhabi – U.A.E. in 2006 known as MASDAR which is a “commercially driven renewable energy company that operates in a large, and expanding, number of areas within the broad boundaries of renewable energy and sustainable technologies, as well across the technology development and commercialization spectrum.” Its sole purpose is to implement projects wherein less energy is consumed, and makes sure that is profitable to the company/people as well as to the...
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