Case Study Research Report

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Case Study Research Report
Melva Yousaf
Grand Canyon University: RDG 581
August 3, 2011

The purpose of this study is to find ways to help a child improve their reading test scores. How is it that a child who reads two grades above their level cannot perform well when it comes to taking state assessments? Is it the teacher or is the child playing around when it comes to taking tests? Maybe the child can read really well but does not comprehend what they read and they get nervous during the test, which would also cause them to score low. This child was chosen because he reads at least two to three levels above his grade, but on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test he scored below what he was expected to score. I noticed that he had the most trouble in the area of Reading Application. This area consists of main idea, identifying the author’s purpose, making inferences, cause and effect, and compare and contrast. Tutoring sessions will be used to work with each of the specific parts of reading application to see if the student can improve his test scores. This child seems to be exhibiting from some sort of problem in the area of reading, and being the successful educator, this research will help to find a solution to this problem.

Literature Review
First of all, we need to understand what Qualitative Reading Inventories are. A Qualitative Reading Inventory is a test that is used to test children’s ability to read aloud and retell what has been read. They can be used to identify a child’s instructional level. QRI’s are very helpful in that they show you where children need the most improvement. A teacher can find out the areas of reading that the child needs the most help in. Some teachers use qualitative reading inventories in the classroom every year. It is best to test the children at the beginning of the school year so that you can put them in the appropriate groups. When teaching reading instruction it is best to work with small groups for differentiated instruction. Children learn better when it is a smaller learning setting because more time is spent on that child who may be struggling in reading. Every county has their own educational intervention plans. At some schools, the teachers are required to use the reading intervention program called Voyager. In this program struggling readers are held back from Spanish to get extra help in reading. The program has books and activities that help the children improve phonemic awareness, phonics and also improve their fluency when reading. This program usually helps ninety percent of the students improve their reading skills. Another reason we use qualitative reading inventories is to indicate the conditions in which the child would perform successfully or unsuccessfully in reading. The key reason that the QRI was developed was to help educators see how they can help improve children’s reading abilities. For most of the struggling readers, it shows their strengths and need for evident help in reading. By giving them these assessments, strengths and needs are identified by providing more information about why the child is not reading well. Research shows that when materials are used to judge growth or change in a child’s reading level, the same genre should be used at pre-test and post-test. I researched an article dealing with how you should organize tutorial sessions for struggling readers being that I have to give tutorials over the next couple of weeks. The author, Patricia Edwards, states that “many of the problems struggling readers encounter while reading stem from distinct yet fundamental sources of difficulty related to the types of text read (print or outline), the tasks or activities readers engage in, and the socio-cultural contexts of reading.” She also says, “although these problems are as varied as the readers themselves, most struggling readers can be...
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