Case Study Research

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Advantages of case study
There are a number of advantages in using case studies. First, the examination of the data is most often conducted within the context of its use (Yin, 1984), that is, within the situation in which the activity takes place. A case study might be interested, for example, in the process by which a subject comprehends an authentic text. To explore the strategies the reader uses, the researcher must observe the subject within her environment, such as reading in classroom or reading for leisure. This would contrast with experiment, for instance, which deliberately isolates a phenomenon from its context, focusing on a limited number of variables (Zaidah, 2003).

Second, variations in terms of intrinsic, instrumental and collective approaches to case studies allow for both quantitative and qualitative analyses of the data. Some longitudinal studies of individual subjects, for instance, rely on qualitative data from journal writings which give descriptive accounts of behaviour. On the other hand, there are also a number of case studies which seek evidence from both numerical and categorical responses of individual subjects (such as Block, 1986; Hosenfeld, 1984). While Yin (1984:25) cautions researchers not to confuse case studies with qualitative research, he also notes that “case studies can be based … entirely on quantitative evidence”.

Third, the detailed qualitative accounts often produced in case studies not only help to explore or describe the data in real-life environment, but also help to explain the complexities of reallife situations which may not be captured through experimental or survey research. A case study of reading strategies used by an individual subject, for instance, can give access to not only the numerical information concerning the strategies used, but also the reasons for strategy use, and how the strategies are used in relation to other strategies. As reading behaviours Jurnal Kemanusiaan...
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