Case Study Report Whisteblower Ron Meer – Michigan City Sanitary District, Indiana

Topics: Whistleblower, Michigan City, Indiana, Washington Park Zoo Pages: 8 (2403 words) Published: March 2, 2011
1.1 Authorisation and purpose of the report4
1.2 Limitations encountered4
1.3 Scope of the Case4
2.1 Individuals5
2.2 Organization6
2.3 Society7
3.1 Ethical of Caring8
3.2 Whitleblowing8
4.1 Individuals9
4.2 Organization9
4.3 Society9


1.1 Authorisation and purpose of the report

The team was being engaged by Michigan City Sanitary District, General Manager, Al Walus as their company’s consultant. As their company consultant, our team was to investigate what caused Ron Meer to whistleblow and suggested other measures that the company could have adopted before the settlement.

1.2 Limitations encountered

This case of Ron Meer whistleblowing was reported not long ago, most of the information available for the team to research on was very vague. It did not provide much specific details on certain areas such as the exact date first complaint Ron Meer lodged to the management. Speaking of that, the team is unable to find any resources to verify the authenticity of Ron Meer’s statement of reporting his concerns to the management.

1.3 Scope of the Case


2.1 Individuals

Many individuals were badly affected by the water problems surfaced in Michigan City and it is commonly seen throughout the city. To an extreme, residents from Welnetz Road and Roeske Avenue had to deal with the problems on a daily basis despite notifying Sanitary District of such issues. Miss Jennifer Mikulski lives at 603 Sunnyside Drive, mentioned that her basement was used to fill with furniture back then which they can’t do that anymore as water has flooded there for “a couple of months.” (Water Woes, LaurieWink The News-Dispatch) – Post 1

Another resident, Sandy Stine who is staying at 602 W. Garfield St, reported that the groundwater problems are causing her to operate two water pumps 24/7 and also found out that there are people in her block facing the similar issues in their basements. However, Phelps, Sanitary District board president, said the district didn't have the money to repair when Stine enqired for solutions. Not just that, residents in the Lakeshore Drive have brought up their concerns over and over again about backed-up basements. (Meer wants end to storm system woes, Laurie Wink, The News-Dispatch) – Post 5

Employees of Michigan City Sanitary District are putting their life in danger to be working in an unsafe working environment. Violations include not requiring to wear protective gears when handling chemicals, wet floor in filter building, incomplete safety information about machines, lack of operating procedures and trainings for dealing with flamable gases and no emergency plan in the event of chorline or sulphur dioxide leak. (Sanitary District cited on 11 violations, By Matt Field, Staff Writer)

As for Ron Meer, the whistleblower, first he was removed from his assistant supervisory duties for assisting in an investigation and that often represents few thousands dollars extra every year. (Meer: Duties taken away in retaliation, By Matt Field, Staff Writer) An investigation conducted in early March, Meer was suspended from work with pay since March 3. (Meer Suspended, Also Escorted From Facilities, By Matt Field, Staff Writer) On 31 March, the Sanitary District board voted to suspend Mr Ron Meer without...
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