Case Study: Psychology and Behavioral Traits of an Entrepreneur

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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Psychology and Behavioural Traits of an Entrepreneur- Specific Case Study James Dyson, Serial Inventor Entrepreneur Introduction of Case:
Entrepreneurship is referred to the quality or trait of a person which helps him to take new business initiatives. However, entrepreneurship is more than starting of a new business. An entrepreneur has some identifying personality and behavioural traits, which make him distinguished from others. In concern to this, the paper presents the analysis of the case of James Dyson, the founder of Dyson appliances. Dyson is recognized as a serial inventor and a great entrepreneur.

The case is all about the success story of James Dyson as an entrepreneur. The case elaborates some specific traits of Mr. Dyson, which make him a successful inventor and entrepreneur. The case states that James Dyson is a UK based engineer who has some great analytical and technical skills. However, the engineering and entrepreneurship are two quite different phenomena. Along with engineering skills, Dyson possesses some key behavioural traits, which have helped him to be an entrepreneur of Dyson appliances Ltd. In the beginning, the company had to face an intense competition and adverse environmental condition. In such conditions, entrepreneurship skills and personality traits of Dyson helped him to get his company established in the market (James Dyson: The Engineer Entrepreneur 2008).

The case reflects that in the journey, which started from launching of a small company in 1970s, Dyson had to face a number of challenges and issues, such as financial constrains in the initial phase of the business, problems in getting patents of products and intense competition provided by already well established players in the market. It was the skills and approach of Dyson which made him successful in making his company as one of the most successful multinational brands in the international market. Nowadays, the company is well known for its highly...
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