Case Study Ovelle Pharmaceuticals

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Product-Market Growth Matrix, Market penetration Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Case study: Ovelle pharmaceuticals
Question 1:
The company ovelle was founded in 1934 in Dundalk. This Irish family business is specialized in the production of dermatological, pharmaceutical and beauty products. The granddaughter of the founder, "Joanna Gardiner" took over the company in 2000. At that time the company had few Difficulties. She had financial difficulties and was sterile in terms of innovation. Now after Joanna’s work we will diagnostic the situation of the company. For this we will first study the opportunities and threats in the enterprise market and finally the strengths and weaknesses of this group. Market : General skincare

Opportunities| Threats|
-Skin problems are more and more frequent
- New generations are concerned about their welfare, health, beauty - Prevention ubiquitous today on products less irritating and respectful of the skin  - Diversification choices are (skincare after some cosmetics procedures) in a growing market| - Preventive medicine ubiquitous today - Many competitors on the market

- Domestic market limited- Legislative strengthening for this pharmaceutical products|

Company: Ovelle pharmaceuticals
Strengths:| Weaknesses:|
- Leader in Irish market- Diversity of products- The quality of the products is recognize by the professional and the consumers - Familial industry- partnership with “ Kent”- Importance of the R&D “team of six scientists, the company works continuously on formulation and product development”.- Manufacturing controls ( QA, GMP)| - Dependence on the range of product “ Elave ”- Some brand names changed in the past|

We have seen that the company “Ovelle “was well established in its market and Joanna gardener had indeed revived the company. Partly thanks to an important innovation policy in growing market. So the company has great assets. Now grow the company needs to be international, something not obvious content of the weight of its competitors on the market and its...
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