Case Study Organizational Behavior

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Why do individuals behave the way they do and perform well or poorly in the workplace? This question has been the Holy Grail of much research in organizational behavior (McShane−Von Glinow, 2004). A large American city was putting on some seminars for managers, and the main topic of the discussion was motivation. During the seminar a problem came to light that a captain of a police station was dealing with some issues with his police officers. When his officers first came to the police station were all very young and inexperienced. Although they really enjoyed going out on the streets, helping people and having contact with the public, one thing they really hated was paperwork. The captain needs he needs to motivate his officers to complete paperwork, but he can’t afford any extra financial awards. This case study will analyse the condition of the officers through the MARS model of individual behavior. Additionally, some idea on how to motivate the police officers are also suggested in this case study.

Keywords: Paperwork, MARS model, Motivation, Role perception.

Pushing Paper Can Be Fun

Some people believe that being a police officer is one of the most rewarding jobs worldwide. Under the right condition, being a police officer simply means getting to help people on a daily basis, doing the right thing and providing justice. Most police officers enjoy helping other people when needed. Every police officer at the end of every shift has to write a report for any case that has been involved on the field. However, almost every police officer hates doing that job and does not realize how important this action is and as a result the job is putt off or done inadequately. These reports are priceless, especially later in court cases. If the details of the reports are shown to be incorrect, then the whole report is suspect. The captain of the police department is trying to convince a group of young police...
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