Case Study on Urban Migration

Topics: Family, Marriage, Middle Ages Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Mohammad Mojid Mia (68) of Sardar Kandi, Dhurail union under Madaripur district was known as ‘Mojid Bepary’ (businessman Mojid) and was a very influential person in his village. He was the eldest among two brothers and three sisters. Mojid Mia spent his early life in his village and studied up to class five. He joined his father’s stock-holding business at an early age. They had 5 shops in a village market. He used to look after these shops. After his father’s death, he took over his father’s business. Then he got married and now has 3 daughters and 2 sons. In his middle age, when he was burdened with family responsibilities and pressures, all of a sudden, erosions of the river Arial Kha started. All of his shops disappeared under the river and his life was ruined. It was very hard to maintain such a big family all by himself. Along with his family he spent most of those days without food. 20 years ago he along with his family members left the village for a better life. Initially he took shelter at the Kamrangir Char slum. After coming to Dhaka, Mojid Mia and his family stayed in Lipi Begum’s house for three months who was also from his village. Later he rented a two-roomed house for Tk. 300. He began to sell vegetables and tried to save some money from the profits. He bought a two-roomed house in a government-leased area through a middleman who also lived in Kamrangir Char slum. But alas! The flood of 1988 ruined his house. He took shelter on the roof of a newly built hospital for old persons with the help of Bashir Munshi, a guard of the hospital. After the flood, he started out again as a footpath vendor selling sugar cane. His two sons helped their father. His wife started working at the households and also did sewing. He re-built his house, arranged marriages for his 3 daughters and 2 sons one after another. His sons are now relatively well off. Now he is dependent on his sons. His wife died three years ago. At the end of his life he is ill and counting his...
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