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Case Study on Negotiable Instrument Act

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Case Study on Negotiable Instrument Act

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“One must learn things by doing it”

It is a great opportunity for management students of Gujarat Technological University to prepare a project report in each subject.

This report to be a real Opportunity for me, apart from out previous project done at different places. I learn team work and also get company’s knowledge. And also learn how the theoretical concept implements in real practical life by companies.

It also crate interest and will helpful to understand other countries business patterns.


In our endeavor to prepare this report, Prof Dharmendra has played a pivotal role and has provided constant motivation as a guide. I am truly obliged to him for the time and focus she provided us in being aligned with the subject throughout the task of carrying out the study.

He has been a true guide whose constant advices and directions have always kept this endeavor aligned with its objectives from its conception to completion.

We are also grateful to all those who were directly or indirectly involved in the completion of this project since such a task could never been completed without the intervention and support of such persons of immense knowledge and empathy.

And above all our families, friends and The Almighty who always stood by us with their blessings to complete this task of preparing this compilation.

Thank you.


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