Case Study on Ing Insurance

Topics: Insurance, Business, Financial services Pages: 12 (3309 words) Published: November 15, 2012

Module name – international management Module leader – Andrew Griffith
Module code - BM6912
Student name - Manne PhaniDeepak
Student num - 1716150
Word count - 3,290

1. Introduction3
2.1 ING global lines4
2. Background 4
3. Assessment of ING insurance Asia/pacific 5
4.2 ING products and services5
4.3 Distribution channels 6
4.4 ING position 6
4. Recommendations for ING Assessment 7
5. Challenge to implement10
6.5 pay for Performance10
6.6 communication challenges 10
6. Value Chain11
7.7 procurement 11
7.8 Technology Development11
7.9 Firm Infrastructure12
7.10 HR management 12
7. Role of Information system 13
8.11 pay for performance 13
8. Conclusion 14
9. References 15

1. Introduction
ING is Dutch founded company. ING is one of the largest financial providers among the world and top ten in the Europe. When compare to other insurance providers, ING offers a several of products lines in the insurance industry sector. It offers its insurance services throughout the world like in America, in Europe and some in Asian countries. Later on ING also entered into wholesale banking and retail and all over the world. The ING services are available across the world more than 50 asset management services in the various countries. ING served a broad customer base, including individuals, families, small business, large scale industries, institutions and government etc,,. They organized into three regional business lines including America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. The banking business of ING was divided into three parts as they concern they are, * Wholesale

* Retail and
* Direct Banking

1.1 ING global business lines:-
Supervisory Board

Executive Board


Insurance America

1.2 Terms of Reference:
1. To make recommendations for the change for ING insurance Asia/Pacific. To identify the strengths and weakness of ING and to fulfill those terms. To maximise opportunities for networking and information sharing about the customers. 2. This is an individual assessment.

3. It was provided by our Dublin Business School.

ING stands for International Nederlanden Group. The ING group is a financial services company of the Dutch origin, serves all over the world with an experience of 150 years; ING offers a wide range of banking, financial services and consulting sectors services all over the world in many countries. The headquarters of the ING group is located in Amsterdam which is situated in Netherland is a part of Europe. This insurance company was obtained by National Nederlanden in 1979; it results in a official increase in activities in the US. Later on the activities of ING expanded in Asian considerably By the year of 2003 ING has covered about 60 million corporate, institutional and private clients in over 50 countries with a staff over of 115,000 to satisfy people as in board customer including, small business, individuals, large corporations, families, institutions. ING has it offices in major countries all over the world such as,...
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