Case Study on How to Avoid Failures in Project

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What issues should have been considered by the project manager before accepting the project.  What alternatives should have been prepared by the project manager? Do you think the system analyst and web developer should also be blamed for the failure of the project? Why? What does the project team lack causing the project to fail? What additional recommendations would you give to this team concerning project management? What is your assessment on the performance of the company president?

1) Before accepting the project, the project manager should consider first would be the areas of the project that would be affected or will be covered by the project, since they are just a medium-sized company. There some things that the company or the project manager should consider before accepting a project from a client. The project manager/the company president didn’t apply the characteristics of a good project manager and didn’t manage properly the project in which the primarily the project manager should posses. The project manager didn’t establish a clear and achievable objective of their project and didn’t touch or consider the triple constraint that the project manager should often talk about before considering or accepting the project from the client. Here is some advice from the Tech Republic by Meredith Little entitled “Questions You Should Ask Your Clients before You Take on a Project”. “Whenever you meet with a potential client about a project, you need to obtain certain information up front to help you learn more about the project, determine whether you and the client are a good match, and understand how to prepare your bid and draw up your contract. Similarly, once you take on a project, you need to know as much as possible about it so you can hit the ground running.” “The more detail you can obtain about the project upon your first meeting with your potential client, the better able you’ll be to estimate the project scope, prepare a bid, and write a contract that accounts for any situations that may arise. An added bonus is that these questions can also help you weed out nightmare clients. If a client is evasive, indecisive, or simply doesn’t seem to know much about the project, that’s a good sign that you can expect such problems as feature creep, disorganization, inability to access necessary resources, or even late payments.” “The minimum information

Before you even get into the details of the project, make the client aware of your basic requirements, and find out whether they will be met. The client may be able to answer these questions over the phone even before your first face-to-face meeting. Use your best discretion as to the timing of broaching these issues. You should always keep in mind the following general rules that you apply to every project: Minimum payment: If you won’t work for less than $X for any project, make that clear. You don’t have to specify your bottom dollar, or the client will probably aim for that. Instead, specify a range for the type of project the client is proposing. Point out that this is simply a range, and you will be able to prepare an exact bid only after you learn more about the project. Minimum or maximum contract period: If you don’t take on projects for less than a certain amount of time, such as two weeks, find out how long the client anticipates needing you. Similarly, consider whether you want to take on extended-term projects.” Though the time was the most affected among the triple constraint, the scope and cost would also be affected since the 3 (triple constraint) is connected with each other or directly proportional with each other. The project manager just considers that the client accepted his budget proposal and didn’t expect that other project may come to the company or something may come up or problems will be encounter doing the project and didn’t balance the competing demands for quality, scope, time and cost. Also the...
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