Case Study on Harley-Davidson's Marketing

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Harley-Davidson is an iconic company that has redefined the world of motorcycling by creating an illustrious and inspiring brand devoted to a culture and experience in which only Harley-Davidson owners can truly understand. Harley-Davidson has built long term customer relationships by promoting a consistent message and retaining tight control over its brand and image. The consistent message and brand control promotes the idea of independence, freedom, individuality, adventure and experiencing life to the fullest, according to Joanne Bischmann – VP of Marketing. This attitude has allowed Harley’s customers to feel like they belong to something greater than themselves. One customer interviewed in the video proclaimed about how he liked the “sound, ride and nostalgia” surrounding his experience when riding a Harley. Brand recognition is also a key part of Harley’s marketing agenda. One commercial displayed two blind men on a street corner as a Harley-Davidson roared by. Once the Harley thundered past, one of the blind men said to the other, “Nice Harley”. The commercial effectively markets the notion that a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is so easily identifiable that even a blind person can recognize it. Harley-Davidson’s value proposition is that they essentially provide their customer’s an “attitude adjustment”. Owners of the Harley brand motorcycle feel true passion about the brand. One female customer interviewed in the video described the ‘sense of freedom’ she feels when riding the Harley. She went on in detail about how she’s made life-long friends with strangers who are also Harley enthusiasts by simply sparking a conversation with them at rest-stops or gas stations when they initially encountered each other on their motorcycles. A Harley-Davidson motorcycle provides an aura of mystique to its riders and to them, it’s not just any other product. This is the value-proposition that Harley delivers to its clients. According to Bischmann, the Harley...
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