Case Study on Gender Identity Disorder

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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Case Study on Gender Identity Disorder
I will give you a little background and a description of this family’s problem they said they have. The family came in and stated for some time they have had issues with having children. The couple said they have tried many things but nothing happened. The couple then attempted invitro fertilization over times with five miscarriages before they finally gave birth to fraternal twins a girl and a boy. They stated they knew the twins were different because the girl was outgoing and friendly and the boy was clingy, silent and passive. The couple was still happy and loved both of their children. The couple noticed that their son was refusing to swim topless and he was getting jealous of his sisters things. The couple described in words to me that their son wanted to wear a dress. The mother stated he said I want to wear a dress. “I’m a girl mommy”! “I’m a girl! The mother said her response to him was “No you are a boy”! You have what little boys have. The couple said this went on for a while and stop for a while. The couple said one day they were giving the twins a bath and they noticed had a confused look. When were getting them out the bath their son wanted to have his penis removed. Their son yelled it does not go there. The father said well maybe I need to spend more time with him to help him understand. So the father played with his toys and do stuff that boys do with him to no avail. He stated “I told my son I’m a boy just bigger”. The couple wanted to reassure him that he was fine and normal just they way he was. Well after so long of the sadness and out cries for attention his mother decided to do something. So, while her husband was away she would let him play dress up. He would get to dress up in girls clothes. The mother said he looked very happy and that made her happy. When her husband found out what was going on they nearly got separation. The couple’s marriage was on the rocks because they have an anger, depressed...
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