Case Study on Disipline

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Case Study on Discipline
According to Snell Bohlander, discipline can be defined as : 1. Treatment that punishes
2. Orderly behavior in an organization setting
3. Training that molds and strengthen desirable conduct – corrects undesirable conduct – and develops self-control Discipline also considered as a management tools used to correct undesirable employee behavior. Discipline is applied as a constructive ways of getting employees to act in the acceptable standards of performance. Many organizations define discipline in their policy manuals, as training that “corrects, molds, or perfect knowledge, attitudes, behavior, or conduct.” Thus, discipline is viewed as a way to correct poor employee performance in order to improve ability of employees to perform better in job and to improve their job attitudes or work behavior. Misconducts

Can be defined as :
1. Improper behavior
2. Intentional wrong-doing or deliberate violation of a rule of standard of behavior 3. Any behavior inconsistent with the faithful discharge of his duties There are two criteria for donating misconduct. That are the intentional doing of something which the doer knows to be wrong and which he does recklessly, not caring what would the result would be. The majority of misconduct occurs in the work setting during working hours. Sometimes, misconduct may occur outside the work environment, when the employee casts aspersions on the image of the employer. Examples of misconducts may be grouped as minor and major as follow : Minor

* Coming late for work
* Use rude language
* Wear inappropriate clothes
* Telling inappropriate jokes with sexual connotations
* Consuming illegal drinks at work, or illegal drugs
* Fighting
* Refusal to work
* Theft
* Committing fraud
Disciplinary Actions
The Employment Act 1955 (Section 14) stated that :
(1) The employer may, on the ground of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the expressed or implied conditions of his service, after the inquiry – (a) Dismiss without notice the employee

(b) Downgrade the employee
(c) Impose any other lesser punishment as he deems just and fit, and where a punishment of suspension without wages is imposed, it shall not exceed a period of two weeks. These are the following actions the employer can take against the employee for misconducts, inefficient, indiscipline : i. Verbal warning

ii. Written warning
iii. Suspension without pay up to one week
iv. Downgrading
v. Dismissal without notice for misconduct
When taken against employees, disciplinary action should never be a thought of as a punishment. Discipline should more be considered as a penalty that aims to obtain a desired result of improving employee’s future behavior. Even though the purpose of discipline is to correct employee undesirable behavior, however it is not designed to punish or embarrass an employee. So employer must handle employees discipline problems professionally and impose punishment to employee as fair as possible and avoid action that can humiliate employee in front of other employees or public. All employees must be treat fairly and evenly when it comes to implement disciplinary action matter. There are certain guidelines for imposing disciplinary action, which are the punishment should be : * given in private (not in public)

* expected (reasonable with the misconduct)
* consistent (same to all employee)
* immediate (recent effect)
* progressive (step by step, following procedure)

Problem Statement of this case study are :
1. Insufficient number of person on duty in the store at one time Tony Berdit as the only supervisor of the store has full responsibility for managing the seven Quick-Stop stores in Washington. Each store operates with only one person on duty at a time. This is one of the reasons why the problems such the wrong handed one of the...
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