Case Study on Ager and Agression

Topics: Child abuse Pages: 4 (1203 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Client’s Background
Client Kevin Rogers was a male 35 years of age at the time he had reached out for our assistance. Kevin didn’t have any major health illness but we diagnosed during the counseling sessions, he was facing a psychological disorder known as “anger management” which was a manifestation of his past. In his family mental history we had found out that Kevin’s abusive father, was a war veteran who had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from during his war days. In attempt to break away, Kevin earned a degree in culinary arts an established a chain of very successful restaurants. Kevin had no criminal records and in fact was well known for his good performance at his college and work. Kevin had been married to Brenda Watson mother to his three children, twins Mathew Rogers and Martin Rogers’s also youngest daughter Tiffany Rogers. The family had been coping with minor out bursts of his anger management until recently the stress at work is higher. Kevin only had started to use physical force against his children after he faced this extra work stress. Kevin had expressed to us how his goal was to learn to deal with his anger issues and stop abusing his children. Kevin had also informed us his notion of wanting to take up yoga classes and we enthusiastically supported his idea as a form of controlling his anger. We reported his case to the authorities but also requested to be given time to try and help Kevin deal with his anger management problem. The authorities agreed on the grounds the child care officer will be allowed to pay visits to Kevin’s family every weekend. This was also explained to Kevin and an informed consent form was signed.

Anger management falls under the Depression and Anxiety category of a disorder; because when angry one will experience an increased heart rate and tense in the muscles, which is similar to when one is having an anxiety attack. Based on the DSM-IV the client had displayed these...
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