Case Study of a Software Company

Topics: Project management, Management, Knowledge management Pages: 9 (2876 words) Published: December 9, 2012

The article presents a Greek company that develops pioneering software systems for multidisciplinary CAE processes and specially provides the appropriate technical support to the customers in order to use appropriately the specific programmes. The purpose of the current presentation of the company is the understanding of the idea of Project based production through the structure and the way of working in the company. Based on the deductive research, it is presented firstly the general information of the company and then more specific details of the way that the company faces every different customer (project). Interviews and existing theories of relevant articles would be the main tools for the current research and provide the relevant data for the final results of the study. Aiming the reflection of the company’s actions, the results would lead in the way of improving the existing processes and specifically the existing Project based production practices that are implemented in the company . Finally, some conclusions are drawn concerning the current situation of the company and the way of they react in every project, that undertake to carry out, having into consideration the deadlines and the different needs of every customer and the most important into a problem in knowledge and information sharing that is appeared through the procedure of delivering the final product. Keywords: Project Based production, modularity, knowledge sharing, information, project management

The current software company is an continuously growing enterprise based in Thessaloniki of Greece from 1999. Some years ago, a team of students in engineering took the risk and decided to create a company using only the knowledge and the education that they have acquired from their studies. Nowadays, the enterprise has 150 employees that they are working in a pleasant environment and aiming to deliver the best results for the company. The organization is an engineering software company specialized in the development of state-of-the-art multidisciplinary CAE pre- and post-processing systems. Three are the main programmes that are the base for the variety of the products and are offered to the customers. After every order a team of engineers undertake to carry out the needs of the specific customer. They are responsible not only to create the suitable programme but also to provide the technical support in order to make clear the right function of the product. At that point it is appeared a small problem that leads sometimes in conflicts between the members of the team and delays in the delivery of the final product. The employee who takes the first order is not in the team that are suitable for the creation of the programme and furthermore different people give the final information for the right function of the programme to customer. In other words the problem lies in the right sharing of information and knowledge between the different phases of the building of the programme in order to fulfil the relevant desires and needs of the customers. Nevertheless, the whole procedure (order-production-technical support) is characterized from modularity and the different phases are similar in every order, the problem exists and makes sometimes difficult the communication between the employees and finally with the customer.

The overall strategy that was followed in this article was based in data acquisition through ethnographic and narrative qualitative interviews. The ethnographic interviews were the main source in order to collect the relevant information to investigate the way of the main process that is followed by the current company. After the interviews were taken and the suitable data were decoded, relevant theories and concepts were chosen to support the analysis. The main approach of the current subject was presented based on the deductive research. More precisely, the...
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