Case Study of Roxanne Quimby

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BUS 102 Case of Roxanne Quimby & Burt Bee’s
- Has Roxanne been successful so far? Why, why not?
My personal opinion and this would obviously be stating the obvious but yes she has been successful so far in running her company Burt Bee’s along with her partner and husband Burt Shavitz. The main reason why I say that she has been successful so far is because she estimated that their first year sales, 1987, would amount to $10,000 which seemed impossible at the time but they ended up making $81,000. Also from Burt Bee’s sale records it shows that from 1987 to 1993 their sales were progressive and never gave them any loss. Also in 1993 it shows that their sales amounted to $3,000,000. From the article we can see that not only was Burt Bee’s very profitable, the company was never in any debt. Also from the article we know that Roxanne was very vigilant and cautious in her deals with retailers, and refused to sell or deal with retailers who didn’t agree to payment of products within 30 days, even though this meant losing some customers it showed that she was cautious with her business.

- Should Roxanne move the business back to Maine, stay in NC, or sell the company? Why, why not? Regarding as to how Roxanne and Burt should proceed in running the company in Main, move to NC or to sell the company, I would advise them to stay in North Carolina and not to move back to Main or to sell the company. The reasons are as follows * huge growth potential in NC

* skilled labour which is not available in Main
* Less taxes overall
* transportation cost reduced
* less labour intensive
Roxanne should not sell the company Justas yet due to multiple reason like there won’t be many buyers also the sales recorded for Burt Bee’s is only $3,000,000 which is not enough for serious buyers. In my opinion she should not sell the company yet because there’s a lot room for growth and the company is still small and hasn’t reached...
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