Case Study of Ristorante Delle Mitre

Topics: Bishop, Catholic Church, Philippines Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Ristorante delle Mitre (Restaurant of the Mitre) is the first Catholic-themed restaurant in the Philippines. Opened in 2010, it aims to bring the church closer to the people. It has become especially relevant when controversies arose that may have alienated some of its followers. It offers the following features: * BRANDING: The name of the restaurant is based on the hat worn by Catholic bishops, which is the symbol of authority. * PRODUCT: Food, a mix of Asian, Filipino, Italian and American, is served in a simple way that creates tasty dishes, made in honor of the Catholic bishops who shared their favorite dishes ( Cardinal Vidal’s crispy pata, Cardinal Rosales’ noodle dish) * PLACE: The address of the restaurant is in historical Intramuros, fronting San Agustin Church. * PRICES: Between P100 to P500, prices are suitable to all members of the Church flock, with budget meal as low as P35 dedicated to Bishop Oscar Cruz, also offered to the price conscious. * PEOPLE: Waiters are deaf and mute who interact with diners using gestures, since bishops wanted to give opportunities to the marginalized. * PROCESS: A Theresian nun, Sister Evangeline Paras, a personal cook of then Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Vidal, supervises the kitchen. * PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT:

* A bookcase containing books on the history of the Catholic Church in the Philippines is available for diners. * Music is soothing with Amazing Grace often being played by a pianist. * Walls are decorated with photographs of living and deceased cardinals, as well as memorabilia of the Catholic tradition in the country. * A life-sized mannequin garbed in a cardinal’s vestment is displayed. * The glass-encased mitres of three departed Filipino prelates nominated for beatification are displayed in a corner. Businesswoman Elvira Go conceived the restaurant when she and some bishop friends went on a pilgrimage to the Vatican several years ago and collaborated with the...
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