Case Study of Reorganization in the Workplace

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Case Study of Reorganization in the Workplace (Line Balancing)

Company Profile: Simple Electronics Systems is a small manufacturer of high-quality Compact Disk systems. For two years, SES has produced its most popular portable system on an eight-hour shift at a rate of 88 units/day.

Situation: Management is concerned about the labor efficiency of its main assembly line. The operations manager has asked the industrial engineering department to recommend a redesign of the existing assembly line, because top management has a goal of increasing labor utilization.

Solution: This goal for engineering is to reduce the cost of reduction of 10% for the SES production facility by:

✓ Eliminating a work station and one employee ✓ Employee empowerment
✓ Becoming more efficient
✓ Improving lines of communication
✓ Cross training

Revised Assembly Line & Personnel: (Cross train and switch stations every 3 months) ____________________________________________________________

Immediate Task Time TaskDescription Predecessors (minutes)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALoad plastic frame--1
BInsert gear assembly on frameA2
CInstall motor on frame A4
DAssemble CD stem to gear assemblyB2
EInstall rubber bearing assembly onto gear assemblyB1 FMount, fit, and fasten turnstile mechanismD5
GInterconnect gear and motor assemblies C and E1 HInstall turnstile F and G3
IInstall CD turntable G4
Jinstall and fasten cover H and I3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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