Case Study of Rajendra Kumar Was a Production Worker

Topics: Man, Coat Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: September 24, 2012
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Rajender Kumar was a production worker at competent Motors Limited (CML) which made componentsand accessories for the automotive industry. He had worked at CML for almost seven years as a welder,along with fifteen other men in the plant. All had received training in welding both on the job andthrough company sponsored external programmes. They had friendly relations and got along very wellwith one another. They played Volleyball in the playground regularly before retiring to the quartersallotted by the company. They work together in the company canteen, cutting Jokes on each other andmaking fun of everyone who dared to step into their privacy during lunch hour. Most of the fellows hadbeen there for some length of time, except for two men who had joined the ranks only two monthsback. Rajender was generally considered to be the leader of the group, so it was no surprise that whenthe foreman of the new was transferred and his job was posted, Rajender applied for the job and got it.There were only four other applicants for the job, two from mechanical section and two from outside,when there was a formal announcement of the appointment on a Friday afternoon, everyone in thegroup congratulated Rajender. They literally carried him on their shoulders, and bought him snacks andcelebrated. On Monday morning, Rajender joined duty as Foreman. It was company practice for allforemen to wear blue jacket and a white shirt. Each man's coat had his name badge sewn onto the leftside pocket. The company had given two pairs to Rajender. He was proud to wear the coat to work onMonday. People who saw him from a distance went up to him and admired the new blue coat. Therewas a lot of kidding around calling Rajender as 'Hero', 'Raja Babu' and 'Officer' etc. One of the guys wentback to his locker and returned with a long brush and acted as though he were removing dust particleson the new coat. After about five minutes of horseplay, all the men went back to work. Rajender...
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