Case Study of Pfizer, Inc. Animal Health

Topics: Fast food, KFC, PepsiCo Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: March 27, 2011

The history of KFC came about due to a very innovative and driven man named Harland Sanders, the creator of KFC in 1952. In order for Harland Sanders to gain prospective franchisees he traveled across the United States to find the potential buyers. In the 1960’s KFC became the first fast food chain to go international. “Colonel Sanders” began to franchise and took over two hundred restaurants and home retail outlets across the US. In 1963, the number of KFC franchises rose from 200 to 300 franchises that created a profit of $500 million. In 1964 the Colonel sold the business to Jack Massey and John Brown Jr. for $2 million with a per year share salary of $40,000 and as the times changed this salary later rose to $200,000. The Colonel still had a say in KFC’s public relations aspect of the company. In 1966, KFC was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is still to this day found on the New York Stock exchange under the ticker symbol and branded company named YUM!. In 1969, KFC signed a joint venture with Japan, which helped in the expansion of KFC internationally. By 1971, KFC had 2,450 franchises and 600 company owned. KFC began operating in forty-eight countries and formed a merger with Heublein. Heublein did not have much experience in the restaurant business, so they left KFC manager’s in charge of restaurant management. In 1977, the opening of new KFC operations slowed down to twenty franchisees per year. In 1982, the new slogan “We do Chicken Right” came about. This slogan was created in an attempt to make KFC successful. New buildings were being created in order to show off KFC’s new image to lure customers and prospective buyers back into the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation. Along with the new slogan, RJ Reynold’s merged with Heublein. RJ Reynold’s was a larger industry that could help KFC’s success, but RJ Reynold’s quickly sold their portion of KFC to Pepsi Co. for $841 million, making them the leading market share in...
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