Case Study of National Sealife Birmingham and London Zoo

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Case study of National Sealife Birmingham and London Zoo
Operation management is about how organizations produce goods and services (Slack 2007).It is a basic functions of any enterprises therefore it will give us a better understanding of business and help us improve our performance if we can analyze business from a operation management point of view .This report is based on two case which are National Sealife Birmingham and London Zoo. The article will focus on input output process, 4V, and layout of Sealife and Zoo with comparison and contrast the mutual problems they have together.

Sealife Centre
National Sealife Birmingham is located alongside the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line Canal by Old Turn Junction and opposite the National Indoor Arena and it opened in spring 1996(Wikipedia website 2010). The National Sealife Centre has an extensive seahorse breeding programme, with many species of newly reared seahorses in tanks viewable by visitors. In other displays, it has a Giant Pacific Octopus, as well as horseshoe crabs, green sea turtles, lobsters, sharks, sting rays, and otters. In Easter 2009, the Centre announced as its newest attraction a "Sensorama 4-D Cinema". So-called because in addition to 3-D viewing, the audience can be subjected to sensations such as wind, salt spray, and the smell the seaweed, or other sensations depending on the (sea-themed) film (Wikipedia website 2010). Input-transformation-output

Consider Sealife Center as an operation management mechanism system, first we take a look at its input-transformation-output processes. For the input resources, Sealife Center has visitors as main transformed resources and the whole aquarium and staff as transforming resources. This whole system is mainly about providing satisfied touring experience to the customer. Also, beside all the services parts Sealife Center have a souvenir shop and a café bar providing products. Based on the observation, family unit visitors is most important part ,not many single visitors or couples .According to the Sealife Center website, it shows another important part of visitors is organized student groups. 4Vs

Normally a sunny Saturday afternoon should be a rush-hour for a aquarium but the truth is not many people came which indicates a rather low volume considering that Sealife center was voted Aquarium Of The Year by the Good Britain Guide in 2004. Then as a aquarium that has so many different kinds of sealife to fulfill visitors desire and curiosity, It has high variety level. About variation in demand, Sealife center has a regularly attendance fluctuation in daily numbers. Obviously busiest time of aquarium should be at weekends or any national holidays, workdays would be presumed to have a way less visitors. So there goes high variation in demand level. Sealife Center is a place visitor is inside the working facility getting firsthand experience with the creatures you paid to see, in other word, customer satisfaction is completely governed by the customer perception. Therefore visibility level is also high. Layout

Figure1.1 is the visitor map which downloaded from Sealife Center website. Product layout involves locating the transforming resources entirely for the convenience of the transformed resources. The transformed resources “flow” along a “line” of process (Slack 2007). It is quite clearly that the aquarium is a Product layout. All the displays of sealife are formed a line just like the way you shop in IKEA, there’s no other tour route except the one has already been given. All customers need to do is follow the line from the ticket window all the way down to the exit. This way all the visitors can fully taste everything aquarium got. Problems in Sealife Center

According to the basic operation management analysis, some problems of Sealife Center have showed up: First, the volume is relatively low considering Sealife center is a place mainly benefits from ticket selling. From...
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