Case Study of Municipal Association of Nepal

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Case Study of Municipal Association of Nepal

By | December 2010
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Term- Paper
Case Studies on NGO

Management of Voluntary Organization

Submitted by: Submitted to: Bikina Chhetri Dr. Balaraju Nikku 5th semester
May 29, 2010

This term paper consists of the case study of an Organization named MuAN (Municipal Association of Nepal). It defines the different skills that are performed by the organization. Mainly it consists of human resource management, resource mobilization, recording, and public relations, organizations of meetings and workshops and resolving conflict. I Bikina Chhetri hereby present the different Skills of MuAN and thanks Dr. Balaraju Nikku for assigning the term- paper which is helping to learn from own self experience.

(Municipal Association of Nepal)
Introduction of the Organization:
Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) was established in the year 1994 and at the beginning of 1998, MuAN reconstituted itself and became a registered institution under National Directive Act,1961(2018 B.S.). All 58 municipalities (1 Metropolitan City, 4 Sub Metropolitan Cities and 53 Municipalities) of Nepal are members of MuAN. Since 1992, concrete efforts were initiated to establish association of municipalities. This was further accelerated through gathering of all the Mayors and Deputy Mayors in 1993 in Pokhara and 1994 in Banepa. In 1995, legislative assembly approved the constitution and formalized MuAN as an apex body of all the municipalities of Nepal. General assemblies were held in 1996,1997,1999,2000 and 2001 in Mahendranagar, Hetauda, Dharan, Siddharthanagar and Pokhara respectively. VISION

“Making cities autonomous, prosperous and self-reliant”

Promoting urban governance by ensuring rights and...

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