Case Study of Masters

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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1. Describe Masters’ management style. Use evidence from the case study to support your answer.

Masters’ management style can be described as the autocratic leadership style. He defined level of authority and responsibility clearly and strictly adhered to (Hickey et al, 2005, pp.23-7). According to the case study, Masters focused on cost control, and he had a strict expectations for two departments. Also, he didn’t believe the staff members, so he also had been interfering in the management of the department, making decisions about processes. Therefore the subordinates know little about the business and work in stress. Apart from that, Masters didn’t communicate with staff and always ignore their suggestions. He didn’t give opportunities to subordinates to think about the organizational objectives like how to develop a new and improved telescopic handler, just set the goals and pay attention to cost saving. Lastly, he cannot give enough motivation to the staff because he cannot make them satisfied with their basic needs. Since effective communication is a crucial part, he do not provide enough information regarding the plan of the business, so the workers were going to leave.

2. Imagine you are the management consultant referred to in the case study. What management style would you recommend that Masters adopt to manage his different staff members?

If I were the management consultant, I would suggest Masters to use participative leadership style to help him manage his different staff members. First of all, for staff from the Engineering Department, the participative style can attract the staff to share their opinions and suggestions (Hickey et al, 2005, pp.27-31). Then the staff can have more opportunities to make decisions themselves, which can also have a better influence for Masters. This style also will not make staff stressed and give them time to develop their new ideas. Without the tight deadlines, both staff and Masters would obtain more workable...
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