Case Study of Managment Restructure

Topics: Motivation, Mining, Management Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Andrew Duce 29 August 2010


Assessment Name: Write up a case study of an organisation that has undergone a change (e.g. a restructure, change of management/leadership) and analyse the organisational behaviour. The organisation may be large or small and either one you have personal experience with, or one that you research.

Energy Enterprises went through a management change that turned the company from a productive and fulfilling company to a dying organisation. The question is why did this happen? Background:
Energy Enterprises is a hire company based in Welshpool. With 30 employees the main goal for Michael Dix the Managing Director was to form a company that could mobilise high quality earth moving equipment quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price. This was to ensure that mining and development companies had efficient and time saving options with high quality service. Energy Enterprises predominantly hire articulated dump trucks, loaders, graders, excavators, and articulated water-carts. They mobilise there equipment all around Western Australia and have been operating for over 15 years. Before the change:

Four years ago Energy Enterprises was a functional departmentalisation organisation which is when Wood, Zeffane, Fromholtz and Fitzgerald (2006) state “Grouping individuals by skill, knowledge and action yields a pattern” (p. 282). They were divided into two main groups, workshop which was managed by John Stonehouse and general which Gary Granger managed, from this general oversaw finance, accounting, and HR while workshop directed service, stores, quality assurance, and fabrication. This arrangement suited the organisation as it was a simple straightforward pattern. They rewarded their employees with several motivational techniques such as end of week drinks to improve camaraderie, communication and stimulated ideas that may improve the company. “Many UK bosses believe...
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