Case Study of Jp Morgan

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Financial services company built in 1799.
Became JPMORGAN CHASE & CO in 2000 merging
with Chase Manhattan corporation.
Nowadays leader of his international market by
working in 100 different countries.

σ JPMorganChase hired Eclipse to develop an
deployment platform for RCP based applications.

* Eclipse Foundation is a non profit

organization created by IMB in 2003.

* Develops an open source community.
* Has many members like IMB, HP, NOKIA…

σ They called their work platform OneBench


Development platform designed
by JPMorgan with the
colaboration of Eclipse

JPMorgan is present in several sectors :

 Private Banking : is banking, investment and other financial

services provided by banks to private individuals who invest sizable assets. The main competitors are : Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, HSBC…

 Retail Banking : is banking in which banking institutions execute

transactions directly with consumers, rather than corporations or other banks. His main competitor is : Crédit Agricole.

 Invest Banking : is a financial institution that assists individuals,

corporations and governments in raising capital by underwriting and/or acting as the clients' agent in the issuance of securities. His main competitors are : Goldman Sachs, Barclays…

JPMorgan has got different problems
and many way to solve them:

 First of all, the company had to developed their programs which are too old and also speed up time of the programming by
improve their efficiency.

 C++ and Excel are use in the same time, so OneBench is a good way to make easier the use. Indeed this platform regroup SWT and XML.

 The amount of the license fees is so high. Thus, they’ve to develop and create free resources for new projects

 Eclipse RCP is designed to serve as an open tools platform based on a diverse set of components or plug-ins.

OneBench is a success because :

 Firstly the time for the development of applications is lower than before (before it was weeks to make one, now it’s just hours).

 Then, OneBench can, in the same time, integrated different formats of database. Which was different in the past.

 They had improve their efficiency, and also their low costs of development and maintenance.

 They developed free resources.
 They found a plug-in architecture.

The Key Objectives/strategics of JPMorgan are :

 First of all, JPMorgan is the leader in the Investment Bank  The company is present around the world.
 To become bigger, the company adopts an external growth strategy.

 The RCP of Eclipse is a very powerful platform (good graphical performance, efficiency, lower costs…). And they also want to develop it again.

The Set of Criteria :

 At first JPMorgan can be evaluated in the different sectors,

where they’re present : Private, Retail and Investment Banking.

 They can also be evaluate in the different way that they use to grow up and solve their problems which appears.

 The set of criteria is also available in their public integration. Whether OneBench is useful to people, and if thanks to that
they became stronger than the other contestants.

An evaluation 1
The original objectives for the initiative
  Enable to develop One bench
  Develop an alternative to spread sheets as a platform for mode line application
  Bring the customers competitive retails  financial markets
  Wide assortment of custom built applications
designed = meet specific need

An evaluation 2
Any other factors that need to be taken into account

BENEFITS of Eclipse
 For Rich Client Platform:
 Development environment, programmer’s workbench
 Delete the java swing GUI
 Developers already been familiar with Eclipse
 Introduced to Eclipse because of their use of IBM’s proprietary Java tools  Fosters reuse through its plug-in architecture and helps to lower development and maintenance costs

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