Case Study of Heinz Company

Topics: H. J. Heinz Company, Ketchup, Marketing Pages: 6 (2043 words) Published: March 13, 2012
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“Heinz is looking for Attention”

I. Problem Statement
Heinz Company communicates through numerous messages running in prints and broadcast media as well as online; it also uses in-store and in restaurant communications to reinforce brand image and loyalty, Heinz Company has also sponsored Top This TV contests in which consumers submit homemade 30-second commercials featuring Heinz ketchup, which are then posted on YouTube for viewing ad voting. Media coverage and word-of-mouth buzz spread the contest message quickly and kept people talking about the homemade commercials even after the voting was over and the winners had been announced. Heinz Company also mounted a contest to gain community attention and involve U.S. students and teachers with the brand and its communications. The Ketchup Creativity contest invited students in grade 1 through 12 to submit artworks for Heinz single-serve packets. From more than 15000 entries, the judges choose 12 winners to have their artwork displayed on millions of Heinz ketchup packets.

What strategies that Heinz Company can implement in order to attract attention of the consumer (not just in U.S. & Europe but also in other continents) and also in order for the consumers to patronize Heinz products?

II. Objectives
1. To be able to know what are the consumer’s perception to the Heinz products. 2. To be able to know what kind of “Product Positioning” did Heinz Company used to their products. 3. To be able to establish an action that can help to the Heinz Company to attract consumer’s attention and also in order for the consumers to patronize Heinz products. III. ACA’s

1. Heinz Company should have “Product Positioning” for the future growth. Pros: The essence of successful marketing is the image that a product has in the mind of the consumer. The core effective positioning is a unique position that the product occupies in the mind of the consumer. So this means that if Heinz Company can position their products there’s a big success that they can get the attentions of the consumers not just on U.S. & Europe but also in other continents. Positioning strategy is the essence of the marketing mix; it complements the company’s definition of the competition, its segmentation strategy, and its selection of target markets. Heinz Company also develops a strategy for the other continents like in the Asian countries in order for the Heinz Company to gain more consumers, profits, and in order for the company to be known globally. If Heinz Company can establish a positive brand image it will leads to consumers loyalty, positive beliefs about brand value, and a willingness to search for the brand. A positive brand image also promotes consumer interest in future brand promotions and inoculates consumers against competitor’s marketing activities. Cons: In order to implement “Product Positioning”; it takes time to plan and decide what is the position in a certain product of Heinz. 2. Heinz Company should promote health benefits in their products with the use of Media Advertisement. Pros: Using media advertisement in promoting health benefits of the products of Heinz Company because health claims on packages and in advertising can be an effective way of increasing consumer awareness of a food product’s health benefits. Alternatives such as websites print and electronic resources and partnerships can also be used to enhance consumer awareness of the health benefits of a food product and potentially reach a wider target audience. Such nutrition communication programs can build on existing health claims, or can operate effectively without a claim or without mentioning an existing claim. Cons: However, promoting health benefits in Heinz Products; it can require significant time and resources to substantiate a new health claim, and the long-term impact on market share is unknown. Aside from the...
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