Case Study of Glengarry Regional Medical Centre

Topics: Decision making, Management, Communication Pages: 13 (3935 words) Published: March 19, 2012

1.0 Introduction1
2.0 Identify the symptoms encountered in the company1
3.0 The causes of the symptoms encountered in the company4
4.0 Possible Recommendations and Suggestions7
5.0 Conclusion11
6. 0 References12

《Case Study: Glengarry Regional Medical Centre》

1.0 Introduction

Glengarry Regional Medical Centre (GRMC) is an acute care general hospital located in Scotston, a community of 35,000 in the south-western United States. There are a lot of problems the company have to face in few years and Benson who the new administrator takes charge of the hospital and tries his best to operate it. However, for some reasons (e.g. the interests of employees cannot be satisfied), the morale and motivation of the staffs are always at a very low level, and they even generate resentment for him and company. Finally, Benson cannot deal with these problems and fails to manage the hospital.

This essay mainly contains three parts. First, it lists the big five symptoms of GRMC includes leadership, power and politics, reward and motivation, communication and faults in decision making. Secondly, the article explains and analyses the causes and reasons of these problems. Lastly, some suggestions and recommendations would be provided to reduce the problems.
2.0 Identify the symptoms encountered in the company

The first problem is about the leadership, which is the most serious and common problem among the enterprises as corporate leaders have enough power to change our lives, that means it can affect the level of our living standards (Warren, 2007). Hence it is urgent that the leadership problem should be solved.

The population of Glengarry County has grown significantly over a long period in the past. However, the size of the hospital has maintained unchanged because hospital manager and board members did not forecast this situation that the hospital cannot afford enough space and beds to the patient. As a consequence, overcrowded condition made new patients wait the available beds for a long time, and offices and hallways have become storage regions. State health department official cautioned the administration of the hospital that it would lose licenses over the following year if hallways were still crowded by equipment and supplies, and which would lead to the lost in its accreditation. This problem is being solved in the short term for GRMC. Moreover, the hospital has changed its leadership frequently for a certain period of time, which makes the employees also alter their manners of working because every new administrator has his own way of operating and running. As a result, GRMC could not form a unified management way and lower the morale of its employees as they lost the direction in their working position.

The second one is the problem of power and politics. That means the way of administrator electing. Each of the administrators was elected and appointed by the local county judge, and the main selection criteria are the individual qualifications and the political postures rather than their capabilities and experiences. In the end, they were asked to resign or to do other things.

The third problem is about reward and motivation. Motivation is a way of promotion to enable staffs to achieve certain goals and targets. It is unwillingly that the employees accept underpaid as that means their performance do not get high-level affirmation (Larry, 2002). Therefore, giving appropriate reward is conducive to raise employee’s morale and company’s productivity.

Arnold Benson was a new CEO elected by the board of GlenMed. However, financial problem disturbed him from the beginning. Apart from the building program finances, employees had been promised to get a 7 percent pay increase at the start of the year. Benson did not completely satisfy the demands of them, and decreased the growth rate to 2 percent. This decision leads to a dissatisfaction of the employees as they think that the...
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