Case Study of Executive Holloware

Topics: Management, Quality control, Quality assurance Pages: 5 (1758 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Case of study of executive holloware
This document contains the case of study of Executive Holloware (EH), a company that manufactures products that aimed at the top end of market with a commanded high price. The most important product was the handmade silver-plated tea sets. In the following pages, a definition and specification of quality is presented and why it is important for the company. It is also mention the main causes of the problems in the case of study, the measure of quality in the stages during the manufacturing process and finally the recommendations of steps for implementing quality improvements. 1. Why is quality important to Executive Holloware?

The term Quality is the core business for Executive Holloware, because this company produces high value products at the top end of market and commanded high prices. The most important product was the handmade, silver plated Georgian tea sets, hence the relevance of developing a product in the required and approved conditions that satisfy the high expectations of the customer. Because the company in 2002 had become one of the leading UK Holloware suppliers, quality is related to the final product and the acceptance of the customer to the new products. The concept of quality is also important for the organization because they produced different cutlery and tableware items and decided to specialise in the production of the tea sets; hence, the relevance of considering quality in the new methods, the raw material, the internal process, and the final products to face the competitive edge and increase the profitability of the organization. Quality is important because the company lost around £12,000 each month in re-working and customer returns, therefore the relevance to achieve a standardized process and to avoid defects in the product. 2.- What do you understand by the term "quality"?

The term "quality" has been updated year after year because of the different ideas, philosophies and methods that have emerged (Maguad, 2006). In order to understand better the term quality, it is necessary to consider the customer point of view and the process involved. First, quality can be defined as "meeting the customer requirements", but there is another stage of satisfying the customers such as delighting them, which allows the companies to measure customer loyalty and the total satisfaction of the products developed. (Oakland, 2003) Second, the term quality also refers to the reliability of the product. Because of the standardization and high-performance practices, quality depends on how well the organization performs through the process to develop a product and the ability of it to continue meeting the customer expectations. (Maguad, 2006) The concept of quality is related not only in the product, but also in the entire processes in an organization, hence the necessity to define a specification in production. This allows developing a product with the standard requirements with a detail description of components, parameters, raw material used and inspection process and evaluation control. (Drew, 2006) 3.- How would you specify "quality" for Executive Holloware? The term quality for Executive Holloware can be specified mainly on the high value silver products in the market. These products need to be without any scratches or bruises and also most of the items should leave the factory after the quality inspection to achieve the determined specifications. Because the main product is high value Holloware, EH must define quality with the following characteristics in the process: 1. Reliability.-

Customers expect that the product will last longer that the regular one in the market while purchasing a Holloware item, therefore the product specification and raw material are important regarding to the customer usage no matter the environmental factor. (Oakland, 2003) 2. Aesthetic characteristics.-

Clearly, these products are valuable because of the appearance, hence the...
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