Case Study of Elvis Presley

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  • Published : July 30, 2010
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The Case Study of Elvis Presley
Kelly Cobban
University of Phoenix

The Case Study of Elvis Presley
Elvis Aaron Presley was a wildly known performer from the 19th century. With this fame comes the public display of every aspect of his personal life, the good as well as the bad. Anyone who has knowledge of Mr. Presley also knows that he died of a drug overdose while sitting on the toilet of his bathroom in Graceland but what many do not know is the discrepancy behind the details of exactly why. Substance abuse covers a wide range of substances. Any brain-affecting substance is classified as a drug and this includes caffeine and nicotine on top of alcohol (Hansell & Damour, 2008).Due to this the DSM IV-TR classifies substance abuse as substance related disorders. Mr. Presley died of such a disorder. Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is viewed by many to be the “King of Rock and Roll” and his charisma and music left an impression on music forever (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). Through the fame he acquired he also brought his personal life into the spotlight as well. He was very attached with his mother who died from hepatitis and had a drinking problem herself and bouts of depression with fits of anger separating them (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). His relationship with his father was strained because of the jail term he served when he was just a child (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009). Many count the separation and finally divorce from his wife, Priscilla Beaulieu, as his downfall because he simply gave upon life and his behavior took a turn for the worse. He began more dangerous behavior of sleeping around, his sleep schedule was reversed so that he would sleep during the day and party all night, and he began to use drugs heavily (Meyer, Chapman, & Weaver, 2009).

Many knew of his substance abuse problem due to the fact that he would show up to concerts drunk and break out into laughing fits or cancel shows altogether due to drug use...
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