Case Study of Apple

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Apple Inc.

Case Study

Executive Summary:
Apple Inc. is a great computer technology company with a wide range of products that serve to every persons needs.   Not only are their products great but so is their customer service as well.   They are very loyal to their customers needs and are very good about honoring their warranties which are incredible deals.   They are also steadily doing very well with their stocks and their net income over the past years.   With their income up 364% it’s hard for them not to be successful.   By taking all of these pieces of information into account I would invest in their stocks.   The demand for their product is still high even in tough economic times, showing that they are a good, reliable company with promising stock.   Apple Inc. is doing very well and with the Christmas season coming up soon the stocks are sure to rise as their products will be selling out of every store.   Apple Inc. seems to be very reliable as shown by all these points so I would invest in their stock.

SWOT Analysis:
Apple Inc. is one of the top American computer technology companies.   Their products are almost limitless.   They range from the iPod mp3 player to the MacBook and to the iPhone.   They also have the computer program, iTunes, which is installed on nearly every personal computer in America.   Although Apple has strengths such as these they also have their weaknesses as well.   Using a SWOT analysis you can see all of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats compared.

Strengths:   Apple Computers Inc. is known for its innovative technology and its appealing designs.   Apple, through the years, has also built up a strong reputation for having very high quality products.   With a mix between their quality and their visually appealing looks and features Apple has become very popular with consumers, after all that is what they try to do: fulfill a customer’s wants.   Apple always tries to lead the market with user friendly technology that is top of the line.   They develop new products that are easily compatible for everyone.   Also they make very small and light weight products, making them competitive as well as appealing to the consumer.   The product diversity of Apple is another great strength of the company.   They have a huge line of products that cater to nearly everyone’s needs and target all kinds of consumers.   Since 2005 the net income for Apple Inc. has increased from 1,328,000,000 to 4,834,000,000 in 2008.   That is a growth of 364% in net income over the past 4 years.   Also, Apple does not have any debt.   By Apple not having any debt the stocks are at less of a risk with share holders.

Weaknesses:   Apple Inc. always has very innovative products but when they are always attempting to make these products better, there is the issue of problems with the new products.   Such as with the faulty screens on the iPod Nano which was reported by some consumers.   When the iPod was first introduced they encountered problems with faulty batteries.   With constantly trying to push the envelope of innovation there are bound to be errors with products and problems.

Opportunities:   Apple has many opportunities pertaining to all of its products.   They have limitless ways to improve the iTouch and the iPhone by adding more applications to the apps store on iTunes and they are continually trying to find new ways to make these products more appealing and user friendly.   Another opportunity they have is with their computers.   By making them able to run either the Windows Operating System or the Mac OS X system they are making them more applicable to all kinds of people.   Apple also has the opportunity to make iTunes available on more types of phones than just the iPhone.   By doing this they can market iTunes to cell phone carriers making their products more profitable and more diverse.   They can also make the iPhone more diverse and available on more cell...
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