Case Study No. 3: “Decision-Making Culture: the Case of Google”

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  • Published : May 31, 2012
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Evaluate 7.1
Group Wiki: Case Study No. 3: “Decision-Making Culture: The Case of Google”

Read and review Case Study 11.1 “Decision-Making Culture: The Case of Google” in Organizational Behavior. You will use your group Wiki to conduct your analysis of this case study. In your analysis begin by considering Google’s decision making culture. What type of decision making approach does Google use? What factors have led to this approach? Will Google’s approach to decision making have positive or negative outcomes? Do you think this approach will ever change? What are the challenges they will face in the future? Your analysis must include supporting evidence.

Google is an organization that was founded in 1998; and had maintained over 1 billion searches per day in 2009. How does Google maintain that level of success? Google maintains that success with the use of the group decision making model, by utilizing teams. Under the group decision making model the organization has the ability to be more creative; which in turn leads to more effective decision making. Group decision making benefits the organization by collaborating the experiences and perspectives of a larger number of individuals. Diversity within an organization, that utilizes the group decision making model, will benefit from better decisions being made; which is made possible due to the collaboration of different group members whose different ideas, which are based upon their backgrounds and experiences. ConsensusconsensusA decision-making rule that groups may use when the goal is to gain support for an idea or plan of action. This decision-making rule is inclusive, participatory, cooperative, and democratic. is another decision making concept that Google utilizes within their group decision making model. Consensus is a rule that groups may use when the objective is to gain acceptance for a plan of action and/or an idea. The process consists of identifying and discussing the issues at hand,...
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