Case Study: Nirdosh

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  • Published : July 13, 2010
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SWOT Analysis

• A unique product in offering
• It is also a social cause to remove the harmful effect of Nicotine. Will be well supported by the society • A Niche market with probably no competition
• The product is not only a replacement to tobacco but also has health benefits associates with it


• Lack of funding to initiate mass production
• Lack of marketing strategy
• Lack of Supply Chain management


• Supplying the product to a much wider audience. Can go national instead of just concentrating in the state of Gujrat • Can collaborate with Social houses and Indian Government and use their already existent infrastructure to market the product like Khadi Gram, Government Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers • Can explore options of exporting the product by maintaining the quality standards. Ayurved is much known in India but is unknown to the world hence the product will have a catchy effect to it


• No patent taken. This can lead to competition and eventually downfall of the whole idea. • The raw material like herbs is seasonal. This can affect the production of Nirodh manufacturing • Increase in production will require technology involvement. Lack of intent and effort may lead to limiting the growth perspective

Critical Decision Areas – Identifying alternatives

1. The Production Concept (Product Development)
a. Selection and procurement of filter – Recommend use of filters for preventing the inhaling of solid particles b. Selection and development of wrapper filter
i. Tendu leaves
ii. White paper
iii. Special colored medicinal paper – would be costly but will be 1. Familiar
2. No harmful effects
3. Hides the stains and staleness impact they give c. Packing - Shape of the pack...
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