Case Study Nintendo Wii

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Leslie Melissa Ritchie Lopez
Case Study
Nintendo Wii
Dr. French
March, 2012

Nintendo one of the most recognized names in the gaming industry has been very successful but has faced some struggles in the market, although, Nintendo has kept its presence through tough times in the market. Nintendo was founded in 1889, and in 1985 created the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) a successful gaming console, facing big competitors like Microsoft and Sony. In 2006 Nintendo released the Wii video game console, the Nintendo Wii was created to establish a new standard in game control using an innovative and unprecedented interface, the Wii Remote causing it to be very successful. Even though, the Nintendo Wii caused impact in the market in favor it also faced some troubles against its competition.

The Problem:
Nintendo Wii was immediately accepted by consumers, even tough, this wireless technology was new to consumer. Through time there was not a very good variety of games for this console and caused disadvantages against Nintendo Wii. Another’s Wii shortcomings were its low graphics quality that gave priority to competitor’s consoles. This was a big problem for Nintendo; the competition had advantages against this “innovated” console. Competitor consoles like Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 from Microsoft have much better graphic quality as well as online gaming experience which also gave a big disadvantage to Nintendo Wii, customers wanted this on their console.

The SWOT analysis helps revealed important hidden factors that may influence the outcome of it success in the market. SWOT Analysis
* Innovative and simple game-play using a mixed of motion sensitivity and aiming device. * Affordable for variety of economic classes.
* Open demographic (for all ages)
* Low gaming graphics.
* Competitors had more game variety than Nintendo Wii.
* Low earning
* Improve...
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