Case Study: Navistar

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Waste Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The following is a recommendation to create a more robust, in-house recycling system at the Navistar International Corporation truck assembly plant in Chatham, Ontario. In the included rationale and financial analysis you will find several reasons why the timing for a restructuring of our current waste disposal system is correct. The reason for this analysis is that, as a company, we are at a crossroads of sorts. We are receiving pressure from both the national headquarters and the Ontario 3R regulations to reduce at least 20% and 50%, respectively, of our waste that goes to landfills. We also have internal cost pressures associated with sending our waste to landfills. If we do not act swiftly in the near future the competitiveness of our company will be compromised. We are currently a leader in environmental policies and processes but this is a fast growing point of differentiation and if we don’t stay on the cutting edge we will get left behind and lose our competitive advantage in this area. Also, if we don’t act now we may be behind the curve and cause ourselves financial hardship when new, more stringent policies are enacted by the government that have real monetary damages attached to them. Recommendation:

In an effort to provide financial benefit to the company and to comply with both internal and external waste reduction demands the following is a proposal to revamp our current recycling policy. The idea is to incorporate approximately 316 recycling stations throughout the plant (where necessary) to collect solid waste. This waste will then be sorted and moved to an internal processing station where the materials would be sold to outside firms or disposed of properly if they hold no economic value. This project would require the skills of a new employee, a plant recycling coordinator. First and foremost we would want to hire or promote a person into this position because they would be critical in the initial planning stages, implementation...
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