Case Study "John & Jacob, Inc., Online Trading System”

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Week 3 Case Study: John & Jacob, Inc., Online Trading System”

Alison Richards
MGMT410IN_F Human Resource Management
November 10, 2011

1.In terms of utilizing the best methods where Edward is able to involve the brokers (users) in the development of the new online trading system he should require two of the brokers to stand as representation of the entire group. In terms of doing a questionnaire he has to make sure he have all the right questions is store to ask to get the appropriate answers. If Edward is unsure about a lot of thing my guess is he won’t ask all the necessary questions needed to complete this trading system. Or he might even ask questions which would not serve any purpose towards meeting their goals. It would be risky to choose this route as it is limited when gathering information. For Edward to realistically sit down and interview all the broker’s in each of the company’s 30 offices would require a lot of time consumption and retaining of vast amounts of information. Therefore, the most logical task for Edward to do would be to utilize the two brokers. Doing this he is able to get the insight, the knowledge, and the hands-on experienced need to meet requirements without consuming too much time. 2.Edward will be able to involve customers regarding the input of the new system by simply asking them. Once being asked for their opinions and suggestions the customers will feel a sense of purpose and need. They would then acknowledge how doing this can be beneficial towards them and their experience with the organization. To successful do this Edward would have to rely on group support systems. He can pull the customer’s statement from the current system to verify they ate to representatives of John and Jacob’s entire customer group. Using this information he would also be able to have them participate with any network of computers to post their comments regarding their system. By doing this the customers is able to actively participate in...
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