Case Study –Jack Carlisle, Cio

Topics: Management, Information technology, Strategic management Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Case Study 1 – Jack Carlisle, CIO

Godwin Unuigbokhai

MGT 5154 – Advanced Management of Information Systems

Florida Institute of Technology

Case Study –Jack Carlisle, CIO

Executive Summary

Jack Carlisle was hired to restructure and organize IZL IT department in a growing financial services organization that is engulfed with internal turmoil which saw a sudden replacement of the company's CEO Chuck Hansen. Jack Carlisle as a straight shooter must assess the changes, both tactical and strategic, in an environment in which IT was not well managed to align with business operations and gets criticized by peer executives from the standpoint of both a professional and career.

IZL Corporation is plagued by many internal issues that ranged from lack of business strategy, internal conflicts to leaders who are poorly prepared for the responsibilities to run large private company. The lack of integrated business objectives with information technology has suddenly brought about shakeup in the leadership structure and caused the company’s revenues and profits leveling off.

There is a need for re-awakening within IZL Corporation if it must remain competitive and this will require a collaborative effort within all departments and among executive managers with a common goal to succeed. Realistic business strategy must be developed where information technology is structured to align with it.

In this document, the problem, recommended and alternative solutions, and implementation strategies will be discussed.

Problem Statement/Key Issues

The obvious and key problem confronting IZL Corporation is the non-existing business strategy that is well understood in the entire organization coupled with an information technology department that is not structured to align with business strategy. This made it difficult to derive practical objectives in terms of technology investment and prioritization. The most evident of this is the...
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