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Topics: Copyright, Copyright infringement, Trademark Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: April 6, 2013
University of Jordan
International business

Crime that pays (and Pretty Well, Too)
Chapter 3 Page 168

Date of Submission 12/3/2013

Case Summary
The story began in the notorious Silk Market of Beijing, which content of counterfeiting products, More than 10 million of people visit it yearly. It’s around 35000 square – meter contains 2000 small stalls, offering cheap knockoffs of leading branded products, and software selling for low prices. Soft ware technology has been dogged by digital piracy – the illegal distribution and / or copying of software for personal or business use. It cuts right to the perceptions and protection of intellectual property right (IPRs). Software pirates can be anyone that making unauthorized copy of software product to workers who mismanage a company software license. -------------------------------------------------

It’s not that the rules against software piracy not clear, quite the contrary. In the United States software is automatically protected by federal copyright law from its creation. For counterfeiters, piracy and software are a match made in heaven and there are ever expanding ways to piracy software. Because it’s easy to produce copies like any digital produce, that are usually as good as original .Despite the number of technical, legal and economic strategies that the software industry has adopted piracy is rampant. There is a big variety in Microsoft revenue between China and USA, that in China in 2011is just 5% of its USA sales with it population- even though Pc sales in the two countries are almost equal. The struggle between software makers and pirates is out of control, it does seem there will not be a conclusion. If the piracy rate in emerging markets does not drop, the worldwide piracy rate will continue to increase (John Gantz) , experts warned that the worldwide quest for low prices would accelerate piracy. -------------------------------------------------

The pirates are so clever that they...
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