Case Study Infancy

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  • Published: May 3, 2013
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As I arrived at the door to interview my subject, I was greeted by a 5year old little girl and her mother the little girl was slender and tall for her age. She had big brown eyes and a huge smile on her face. As I introduced myself, she responded with a smile and introduced herself. She lives with her mother, father and little brother. She attends a Christian school as a kindergartener and she has a lot of friends there. They live in a modest home in West Chicago and are considered middle class citizens. I met the child’s mother at a previous place of employment. She was delighted to have me interview with her child. My subject’s mother is a full time mother and student. She has been married to her husband for about seven years now. Her husband is a lawyer and he works in a law firm in downtown Chicago. They are both of Hispanic heritage. My 5yr old had developed normally throughout her prenatal, infancy, and toddler stages. According to her mother, my 5yr old subject weighs about 49 pounds and is about 40 inches tall. According to the chart provided by the CDC (2000) she is ranked at the 97th percentile in her age group in weight. This puts are within the normal growth curve for her age. As a toddler my subject met all of the important milestones. She took her first steps a week after her first birthday. My 5yr old subject continues to show progression even as she continues down the stages of development. Similarly to her physical development, her cognitive development is also maturing as it should. She can sort out objects by shapes, sizes, and color. Her favorite book were among the cat and the hat series. She was a good reader and this was because she is an inquisitive child and she enjoys reading. As an infant, her mother stated that she would read to her every night and she bought my baby can read CD’s. As we moved into the living room, my subject held me by the hand and said that she wanted to show me the new doll her parents just got her. It was her first American girl doll. She had name the doll Caroline. As I observed her, I noticed how she was engaging in a PRIVATE SPEECH with her new doll Caroline. Private speech is when one speaks to self as if one was having a real conversation with another person. My subject demonstrated this as she spoke with her doll. She was pretending to be the doll’s mother. She asked the doll several questions, Are you tired? Do you want to eat? Do you want to use the bathroom? She believed that her doll had feelings. For instance when her little brother wanted to play with the doll, she hesitated for a minute before handling the doll over to him. After he was done playing with it, he throw the doll across the room. My 5yr old subject was so upset, that she accused her brother of hurting the doll’s feeling as if the doll was real. She stated “My doll will never play with you again because you are mean and she does not like mean boys”. I think that this was a perfect example of ANIMISM- defined in my own definition as when one attaches an emotion or feeling to non-living thing. After about 45 minutes, my subject decided that she has had enough of her doll. So she placed the doll under the covers and sent the doll to take a nap. As my subject refused a snack offered by her mother, she asks if she could watch a movie titled “The Return of Nanny McPhee”. This movie portrays a nanny who would only show up when a child was nutty. My subject watched this movie for about an hour. After watching the movie, believed that all nannies are ugly, have a mole that sticks out of their chin and this mole would only reduce in size as the kids start to become obedient to their parents again. She now compares every baby sitter with this nanny McPhee character as stated by her mother. I think that this would be...
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